5 Ways To Tell If A Home Is “The One”

The average American moves 11.7 times in their lifetime; and with current trends, you can expect that over 50% of those moves include that individual renting. So by these calculations, the average American will likely own anywhere from 2-5 homes in their lifetime.  Since purchasing a home is such a rare and massive occurrence in ones life,  it may be difficult to realize when you have ran across a home that is for you.

For this very reason, I put together a list of 5 items that may indicate when a home is “The One”.

Passion This first indicator should be the most obvious to a home buyer. Being passionate about your home is an awesome  and powerful feeling! If you get butterflies in your stomach as you walk in to the home with eye’s wide, you may have found “The One”.

Rationalize Objections  It is uncommon for someone to find an absolutely perfect home. There are generally compromises. However, an indicator that you may have found your next home is when you begin rationalizing drawbacks. Every home buyer has their list of needs & wants, but when a buyer finds “The One”, some of these items may not seem so important any more.

Visualization Generally, as a buyer walks through a home, they envision how their furniture would be  situated in the house’s spaces.

Either it is “Our dining room table would be perfect here” or “our couch won’t fit in the living room”.

Sometimes you may find yourself going one step further. If you find yourself visualizing christmas morning in front of the fireplace, birthday parties in the recreation room or any other major event in the home’s spaces, this home may be “The One”.

Loosing Interest Fads happen– Just usually not when one is looking for their next home. If you walk through a home you really like and find yourself loosing interest in seeing other new candidates, you may have found “The One”.

“Opportunities Always Look Bigger Going Than Coming.” Everyone has heard about the one that got away. This concept holds true in finding the perfect home too. I have heard the story too many times. Buyers walk through a home they really like, but feel like they need to see a few more properties before making a decision. After seeing another 4 houses a week later, they decide they want to make an offer on the previous home.  The only issue is that the property had just been sold. Had they not seen the other 4 homes, they could have possibly been the proud new owners of the home they really liked.

Going through this situation usually instills a greater sense of urgency with home buyers when it comes to acting on the next home they find suitable. If it turns out that you don’t want a home to get away,  you may have found “The One”.

For those of you who have already found a great home, how did you know that your house was “The One”?

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