Anatomy Of A Great REALTOR®

Although home values are stabilizing, it is still very much a buyer’s market. Sellers today are confronted with a challenging market when it comes to listing their home. Because of this difficult environment, it is important for a seller to have a knowledgeable and capable Realtor who can navigate such a market. You may be wondering what today’s sellers are looking for in a Realtor or you may already know. Either way, we have found that the fundamentals of quality service are still the most important traits. Along with excellent service, a healthy knowledge of the local market and the latest technologies available are of vital importance as well.


With today’s technology changing so rapidly, staying current can be a challenge for some Realtors. Sellers must hire a Realtor who can effectively market their home using these new forms of communication (a.k.a. a tech savvy agent). If buyers cannot find a home on the internet easily, it might as well be invisible. However, having a website is no longer sufficient. A Realtor who wishes to sell a house for the maximum dollar amount must have a state of the art website. A well-defined online marketing plan and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies are also necessary. It’s alright if you, the seller, don’t know these intricacies of strategies, but your Realtor must! Today’s sellers can’t afford to leave the sale of their largest asset to a Realtor who is behind the times. Too much money will potentially be left on the table.


However, it is not enough to pick a Realtor based solely on their great website and marketing skills. The traditional qualities of a “good” Realtor still apply. The business relationship between a seller and their Realtor is also a human relationship. A great Realtor must be sensitive and attentive to the personal needs of their clients. Sellers must be able to trust their Realtor and know that their best interests are always being taken care of. Mentioned earlier, your home is quite possibly your largest asset and cannot be left to just anyone out of the local phone book.



Reliable, good communication is of the utmost importance. This covers not only the returning phone calls as soon as possible, but listening skills when it comes to the client’s needs and preferences. Honest communication is obviously essential. A good Realtor must be willing to tell their sellers the hard truths, and occasionally play the role of the “bad guy”. However, When a Realtor is honest and provides the truly accurate information the client may not want to hear, they are in fact the good guy. Being up front and honest with clients can avoid problems associated with unrealistic expectations down the road. When Realtors tell their sellers only what they think the seller wants to hear, they are not serving their client’s best interests.


Times are rapidly changing, and real estate of course evolves with it. On the other hand, our values remain constant and we therefore appreciate great service more than ever. The right Realtor for a seller is one that not only understands the market, but uses the ever-adapting technologies to their clients advantage, and also never forgets the fundamentals of great personal service.

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