July/August Homepage Image

The featured image on our homepage for July and August was taken by John Benson illustrating Duluth’s Bayfront Festival Park licensed CC BY 2.0. There are still a ton of events taking place at Bayfront Park this summer. For more information, checkout this earlier post.

Bayfront Festival Park’s Big Summer Line Up

Voted #2 in outdoor music venues near the Twin Cities by Vita.MN (nudged out of the top spot by the Big Top Chautauqua), Duluth’s Bayfront Festival Park hosts an amazing 2013 line up. Bayfront Festival Park features a one of a kind backdrop including the ariel liftbridge, Duluth’s Harbor, Duluth’s Hillside and downtown. Did I mention […]

April 2013 Homepage Image

May 2013’s featured homepage was taken by myself during a golf outing last year. The picture was taken on a cloudy day at the Lester Park Golf Course Lake 9. Frank Rush is seen lining up a putt on the majestic second hole green.  

Thinking of Selling? Why You Only Have 8 Seconds To Make A Good Impression!

I have heard recently from Real Estate Agent and Mogul Barbara Corcoran that my buyers will know within 8 seconds of walking into a home if they are interested in buying or not. I guess that could be true? When I am showing a house I can usually tell by the look in a buyers face, body language and initial comments […]

Igniting Your Spring Outdoor Projects

I really love seeing 70 degree + days in the forecast. This is especially true when Duluth looked like this less than 24 hours ago. With this nice weather coming, it’s time to start planning your landscaping and other outdoor projects for the spring and summer. Outdoor projects not only boost property values, but can […]