Duluth Flood Damages More Than Roads

The 2012 Duluth MN flood may have victimized more than roads and basements. Last night I saw this tweet:


The backbone of Duluth’s economy, the tourism industry, reportedly took a $3 million hit since the late June floods.

Duluth’s tourism organizations are trying to get the word out to target markets that Minnesota’s premiere tourist destination is “open for you” (The below photo is from the VisitDuluth.com webpage). However, it is important that everyone help Duluth’s tourism industry thrive in this challenging time as the tourism industry highly influences Duluth’s total economy.


As expected, Duluth’s majority of tourists are those traveling from the Twin Cities area, and unfortunately some may plan to cancel a trip north due to the recent flooding. I don’t know how many friends and family members I’ve talked with who thought the only current form of travel throughout Duluth is by canoe. It is our responsibility as Duluthians to inform our friends and family that the opposite is true. Relay how the recovery effort has been effective so far and that most shops are open, events are taking place, and desired locations are accessible.

To-Do List

  • Call those who make an annual trip to the northland and make sure they are coming.
  • Make a post on Facebook/Twitter encouraging friends to visit the area.
  • If you are a business owner who is directly influenced by the tourism industry, conduct targeted marketing efforts reiterating Duluth is open for business.
    • Target Google and Facebook advertising to the Twin Cities area.
    • Put advertisements in the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press.


It is important that everyone contributes to the recovery in one way or another. This just so happens to be an easy and valuable way to do so.

For more information on events taking place in the Northland, check out list at VisitDuluth.com or the events calendar at Perfect Duluth Day.

Do you have any other good ideas how to boost Duluth’s tourism?

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