Getting your house ready from the inside out

Now that we’re in the new year it’s time to get your house ready for sale. As you know Spring will come sooner than you think. And since we live in an area where it’s not now time to work on the outside, we can surely start on the inside. Buyers are picky, you need to focus on personalizing your home. Strong personal items such as heavily patterned or colored wallpaper, paint, odors from pets, cooking, tobacco. Strong political or religious statements, unusual art or furnishings, these are usually quite inexpensive fixes to help get your property ready for the spring market. Make sure your entry is fresh and clean, repaint if necessary, remember this is where the first impression begins. The kitchen is perhaps the most important room in the house. Be sure it is clean and fresh, paint  is a very inexpensive and quick fix, replacing outdated hardware, light fixtures, applying a refinishing oil on the cabinets, be sure carpets/flooring are in good condition, or consider replacing, staging is also something to consider. Cabinet organizers are a great investment, this will help demonstrate how much room you have.  Remove clutter, make sure the appliances are clean, even if they are not part of the sale. Remember good impressions. The bathroom should also be clean and fresh, put a vase of flowers in the bathroom, be sure the faucets shut off completely, sinks drain freely, replace old toilet seats, towel racks, light fixtures, does the tub need caulking? Shower door shiny, mirrors in good condition? Remember you are looking through the buyer’s eyes. Buyers also look for impressive living rooms, if it seems small consider adding a mirror over a mantle if there is one, or across from a window, it will make the room look brighter and larger. Many people tend to forget to clean the windows/screens and in between the windows, this is also very important to the buyer, it shows them you take care and maintain your home. Also if you have a fireplace, be sure it is clean, the screen is in good condition, and all the other components are in good condition, many buyers make this part of their search when shopping. Be sure the bedrooms are spotless, fresh and clean, lemon is great to smell in the bedroom. Windows, sills, floors and rugs clean and in good condition. Also organize the closets. If there is a dining room stage it, also a fresh arrangement of flowers is most impressive. The basement will tell a buyer more about the condition of the house and how well it is cared for; be sure it is organized, the stairs are in good repair, and decluttered. If necessary paint the floor/walls, clean furnace, hang objects where possible, shows less clutter. Clean the dust/webs, also the water heater tends to get dusty. Don’t forget the laundry room. Make sure all lights are working, if you need a dehumidifier get one, and use it. Last but not least the garage. Organize it, hang as much as you can on the walls. If the floor is stained paint it. Install a garage door opener if there isn’t one. Remember how you care for your home will leave that lasting impression on the buyer. This will dramatically increase the saleability of your property. As we all know there will be much more competition in the spring than any other time of the year. So lets get started now, so we will be ready for the exterior when the weather warms up.

Claude Wenaas About Claude Wenaas

I have been involed in real estate for many years, and is my full time job. I truly enjoy it. I also am an avid runner, do long distance bike riding, cross counrty skiing, snow shoeing, I am very involved with activities in my community. I am also licensed in both Minnesota/Wisconsin.


  1. Very good post, though I would have loved it even more if it was split into 2-3 paragraphs. Would have been easier on my eyes 😛 … virtually staging a house helps it to sell easily and also for a better price.

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