Home Finding Wants And Needs

Now that your have gotten your credit in order, have found out how much home you can afford, and have been approved for a mortgage, lets get started on a home finder needs/wants worksheet.

First picture your dream home. Does it have that backyard your looking for, the neighborhood you desire? Are schools important? What about public transportation or daycare? Do you want to be in town, or by a lake? How much privacy? These are just a few questions you should ask yourself. Remember the more you know about what you are looking for, the sooner you will find that perfect match!

By working up a worksheet on your wants/needs will make it less confusing once you get out there. You will want to be comfortable with price, taxes, utilities, distance to employment, shopping/schools, daycare, police/fire, recreation, etc. Also the amenities the property may offer such as bedrooms/baths, family room/den, formal dining, fireplace, floor plan, garage, deck, and view etc. Once you prioritize your wants/needs it will be easier to get started. And the more information you can provide to you sales associate the easier it will be for them to help you find that “Dream Home”. It is a great time to be buying a home as the interest rates are at historic lows, and sellers are looking at offers. So get out there and find that dream home.

Claude Wenaas About Claude Wenaas

I have been involed in real estate for many years, and is my full time job. I truly enjoy it. I also am an avid runner, do long distance bike riding, cross counrty skiing, snow shoeing, I am very involved with activities in my community. I am also licensed in both Minnesota/Wisconsin.


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