How My Duluth Home Is Saving Me Money This Winter!

Everyone today is searching for a way to save a little bit of money. Winters in Duluth are obviously an expensive time to heat and maintain a home. After going over the past few year’s utility bills, I knew there were savings to be had. Unfortunately, like so many others, I had no idea where to start. Thankfully I came across the Duluth Energy Efficiency Program or DEEP for short. To get started there are some simple forms about your home and its energy usage. After sending those in, I found out my house received a ranking of 6.5, which was slightly above average for my neighborhood. The next step was scheduling the home energy audit. While this cost $375 up front, I have already received a $200 rebate because I am a Comfort Systems customer and will soon get a rebate for $100 from Minnesota Power. The remaining $75 will be rebated by DEEP contingent upon completion of any recommended work. Also, since I scheduled my audit through DEEP, they took care of processing the rebates which made it really easy!

My home performance audit took place on October 11th and lasted somewhere between 2-3 hours. This included a blower door test to see how drafty my house was along with an infrared inspection to determine exactly where any air leaks or moisture problems existed. At the end of the inspection we were given energy efficient light bulbs as well as shower heads and a piece for the faucets that reduce the flow of water. Mike, the residential energy technician, put together a comprehensive report and outlined exactly what improvements were possible and what the estimated yearly savings would be. The next step was a brief meeting with Sarah at the DEEP headquarters where we went over these improvements and decided which projects we wanted to obtain bids for. At the end of the meeting we scheduled a contractor open house and DEEP notified their list of approved contractors of the date. The contractor open house took place last Friday and went very well. Four different contractors showed up during the specified 2 hour time period.

The final step will be deciding which projects to proceed with and which bids to use. This is where the DEEP rebates will come into play (25% of contracted work up to $1500). There is also an additional $1000 in rebates available to households who financially qualify. On top of the rebates from DEEP, are some Federal tax credits and Minnesota Power rebates for qualifying improvements. I am very excited to get a few of these projects completed late this fall. My utility costs and impact on the environment will both be smaller thanks to DEEP. I highly recommend giving DEEP a call at 218-336-1038 if this energy saving program interests you!
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