Igniting Your Spring Outdoor Projects

I really love seeing 70 degree + days in the forecast.

Duluth Minnesota ForecastThis is especially true when Duluth looked like this less than 24 hours ago.

Late April Minnesota Snow

With this nice weather coming, it’s time to start planning your landscaping and other outdoor projects for the spring and summer. Outdoor projects not only boost property values, but can lead to awesome outdoor experiences. Outdoor entertaining areas have become a must have for many of todays home buyers.

One of my favorite outdoor entertaining spaces revolves around the fire pit. During gatherings of friends, many great conversations occur around the fire pit and believe it or not, can be used during all four seasons of the year. The fire pit below is heavily used at my friends cabin and is perfect because of its simplicity.

Outdoor Fire pit


For creative fire pit ideas and more outdoor project ideas, check out DIY’s website here.


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