Scared To Sell Your Home In The Winter? Don’t Be.

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard it.

“We are going to wait until the spring to sell.”

Whenever I hear this, I almost always follow it up with one simple word. “why?”

Most of the time, they are not sure why they want to wait until the spring to sell other than thats what they’ve heard before. 99% of the time the obvious weather conditions are noted as some type of justification. However, there are still those who need to buy a home no matter if its raining or snowing outside.

Like I mentioned in my video blog last winter, there can be a few distinct advantages to selling your home in the winter.

Home in the Winter

Winter/Holiday season buyers are generally more serious

When holding open houses during the summer it is not uncommon for there to be groups coming through who have no serious intent in purchasing the property. Sometimes they are not even in the market to buy a home. Once, I had a nice lady admit that she was just looking to gain interior design inspiration by visiting various open houses. These situations are less likely to happen in the winter.

Those looking to buy during the winter months are often times more serious and sometimes need to buy sooner.

-There are more people trying to sell in the summer

Because the summer months are the traditional selling season for real estate, there is usually less people attempting to sell during the winter. The fewer amount of home sellers in the winter equates to fewer homes on the market competing against yours. With less competition than normal, it is easier for your home to be featured to those we know are looking to buy in the winter months.

If anyone has any additional concerns/comments about selling in the winter, please comment below. Also, if you have sold your home in the winter months, please share you experience below.


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