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Thinking of Selling? Why You Only Have 8 Seconds To Make A Good Impression!

I have heard recently from Real Estate Agent and Mogul Barbara Corcoran that my buyers will know within 8 seconds of walking into a home if they are interested in buying or not. I guess that could be true? When I am showing a house I can usually tell by the look in a buyers face, body language and initial comments […]

February 2013 Homepage Image

Last months featured image on our home page was taken by none other than Shaina Nickila. Shaina said she was “taking a break from the day to enjoy the sunny weather and beautiful view. The boat in the picture is the Meteor, a whaleback ship landlocked on Barkers Island.”   What are some of your […]

3 easy ways to improve your home’s curb appeal on a budget!

Spring is just around the corner and most of my Sellers are looking for advice on how to spruce up their home’s just before putting it on the market. And most of them are looking to do that without spending an arm and a leg while getting the most profit out of their sale. Here are 3 easy ways […]

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