Thinking of Selling? Why You Only Have 8 Seconds To Make A Good Impression!

I have heard recently from Real Estate Agent and Mogul Barbara Corcoran that my buyers will know within 8 seconds of walking into a home if they are interested in buying or not. I guess that could be true? When I am showing a house I can usually tell by the look in a buyers face, body language and initial comments how they are feeling pretty quick. Smells, clutter, cleanliness, and décor can either make it or break it within seconds. So remember Sellers, the first impression is everything! And  you only have a few quick seconds to make it the best impression possible.

So how do I make the best first impression……

Eliminate odors as much as possible—place potpourri in the bathrooms, use air freshener and deodorizer, especially if you have indoor pets or there’s a smoker in the house. But if possible I would recommend not smoking in your home at all when selling.

Remove all the clutter – make sure kitchen and bathroom countertops are as clear as possible (remember the rule of 3), try to keep toys organized in closets and shelves, remove any excess knickknacks or family photos. Start packing now! Pack up and store items right away that you don’t need.

If you have too much furniture, place some of it in storage.

Vacuum your floor each morning. You may also want to think about getting your carpets clean before potential buyers view your house.

Add some final touches, a couple of fresh bouquets of flowers and some nice potted plants in decorative containers can do wonders.



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Born and raised in Duluth, MN. I currently live in the beautiful Denfeld neighborhood with my husband, two children, and multiple pets. I started working in Real Estate spring of 2007 after I had found myself needing a career change in my life. Although I may have started in the worst economy and in the most struggling real estate market in history, I believe it has made me stronger, smarter, and more experienced in my ever changing industry. I am licensed in both Minnesota and Wisconsin and spend most of my time helping out in the Superior office. I enjoy coming to work everyday!

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